release BBTQ003:

clos-o-mat - look away

artists: clos-o-mat
title: look away
format: 12" vinyl
catalog nr: BBTQ003

clos-o- mat’s debut release "look away" presents a successful mixture of hard, raw, almost brutal sound structures with thought-through and intricate cut’n’click assemblies. the logo-side combines wild, electrified basses with a hammering beat. on the text-side, clos-o-mat show their jazzy side: warm chords and elegantly undercoold rhythms accomplished by a minimal approach. this release is in a way dark and nevertheless very charming and expressedly funky.

tracklisting & sounds:


masso (6:06)


look away (6:49)


silk desert (6:44)


clippop (3:12)

all tracks written and produced by clos-o-mat (m. ullrich, u. jeltsch) , except 'clippop' written and produced by uese (u. jeltsch)
all tracks mastered by

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