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hive club, zürich
dachkantine, zürich
aera, zürich
bar code, baden
bosch bar, zürich
fri-son, fribourg
kaserne, basel
kraftfeld, winterthur
merkker, baden
mokka, thun
neonbar, zürich
nt areal, basel
rohstofflager, zürich
toblerbar, zürich
tonimolkerei, zürich
ug club, zürich
sous-sol, zürich


7b, zürich
alpinchic, netlabel
earthbeat records, st.gallen
handheld records, zürich
littlebig recordings, zürich
klatschnass, zürich
kumquat tunes , zürich
meadow records, zürich
phonogen, zürich
ritmic records, zürich
spezialmaterial, zürich
stattmusik, zürich
straight ahead , zürich
synchron, zürich
tongut, st.gallen
walker lacoste, zürich, label directory of swiss record labels


federal bureau of music (FBM), bochum, germany
deli kolder, madrid, spain

promoter / events, bitboutique's booking agent
rakete, events @ hive club, zürich
bumrush, events, dj-team, basel
contemporary culture convention, bern
fresh & stable, zürich
grundton, superb events, zürich
m4music festival, zürich
minimaldesigner, zürich
mute, zürich
substrat, zürich

producer / djs

releases on bitboutique records

big clap, zürich(BBTQ006)
clos-o-mat, zürich (BBTQ003)
inflight, zürich (BBTQ006)
johnny tumper , zürich (BBTQ007)
nimbus, england (BBTQ005)
pixelpunks, zürich (BBTQ007MP3)
san marco, zürich (BBTQ007MP3)
soultourist, zürich (BBTQ007MP3)


bengston, zürich
da sign & the opposite, berlin - bern
dj membrane, zürich
don ramon , zürich
downpressor, zürich
electric sheep, zürich
electro shox, bern
filewile, bern
guardner, germany
jools, luzern
rauschfaktor, germany
roger rotor , zürich
üNN, germany
smash fx, zürich
tweak, zürich

radio (net & air), (net) zürich, (net) geneva
radio lora, (air, net) zürich
radio 3fach, (air, net) luzern
radio kanal k , (air, net) aarau

electro network (switzerland) (international)


bewegungsmelder - swiss event & lifestyle magazine
de:bug - german magazine for "electronic life aspects"
hexadance - online music & event magazine
kommerz - online music & event magazine
partysan - music & event magazine
sor-b - internet magazine for electronic music
spex - great german magazine - magazine for sequential design
word - superb design and content

fun --> what's your favourite color baby? --> loop mixing --> nice flash games --> awesome! --> websitescratch --> multiuser playground --> goon's personal favourite

dying in motion, rx's rock band
ikone wear
safari clothing

various --> dubplate cutting in berne --> music production & more


crazy beaches

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hive club

the new hive club just opened in zurich (former club ug). watch out for bitboutique acts playing at hive. see you there.

liveacts, dj's and more: visit to book our artists for your next party or to your cosy lounge night.

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