dictaphone - minimal elektrofunk, live and on records. being a producer-duo since 1989, mike tschudi and stefan guettinger appeared under varions aliases: fallout, sonicfoam and tschudi/guettinger.

as dictaphone, they produced the fist bitboutique release (BBTQ 001), and appeared on various compilations. in 2003, a remix for 'augmented reality' was released on meadow records.


stefan guettinger, mike tschudi

appeared on:

- BBTQ 001: dictaphone - "suitcase e.p."

- meadow 003 - intermezzo e.p.
- substrat 2cd: "innovation durch irritation" (stattmusik)
- mikro werk /0.1/ compilation (mikro)
- left/right feat. the game and watch orchestra recorded live at substrat 99 (bitboutique)

clubs/events played:

rote fabrik (zh), rohstofflager (zh), toni molkerei (zh), tramstation (zh), kanzlei (zh), roxy (zh), substrat (zh), stratos (zh), aera (zh), birchermüesli (zh), villaine breaks (zh), fri-son (fr), supermarket (zh), ccc (be), sihltanz (zh)

radio zürisee (vzo-chillride), lora, basic.ch


dictaphone live

56 minutes - recorded at the toblervilla (2002-03-16)
- modem version [real] - isdn version [real]

dictaphone - "suitcase e.p."(BBTQ001)

- a1: locker [real player]
- a2: suitcase [real player]
- b1: suitcase (it suits u mix) - remixed by canson [real player]
- b2: ministorage 82 [real player]

dictaphone - "alcopop" (mikro 0.1)

appeared on mikro werk /0.1/ (mikro):
- alcopop [mp3, high quality track]



dictaphone x 2?

caution: there is also another artist appearing as 'dictaphone'. visit their website: www.dictaphone-music.de


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