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bitboutique records is an electronic record label, based in zurich, switzerland, releasing finest minimal-tech-house for electronic music lovers.

beside the label activities, the boutique sets its focus on producing, djing and liveacts.

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latest record: schwamm - crazy beaches remixes (BBTQ007)

it's more than a common 12" release. you get 12 additional remixes and the original version as mp3's with your vinyl record. visit our 'crazy beaches website'

schwamm - crazy beaches remixes (BBTQ007)
featuring remixes by 16 artists


still available:
dictaphone - "suitcase e.p." (BBTQ001)
clos-o-mat - look away (BBTQ003)
cycle repair - freedom fighters (BBTQ004)
nimbus - entron ep (BBTQ005)
cycle repair & inflight - party rebel (BBTQ006)

you can buy bitboutique records directly from us at our online shop or at your local record store.



our dj-crew plays finest electronic music for dance- and lounge environments. our dj's don't focus on one specific sound style but combine magnificent records with excellent mixing skills.



how to order bitboutique records

if you're interested in any bitboutique records, please send a mail to info (at)

'crazy beaches remixes' (BBTQ007) [17.01.06]

'crazy beaches remixes' (BBTQ007) is more than a common 12" release. your vinyl record contains a personal access code to 12 more remixes and the original version in mp3-format.

visit our 'crazy beaches website'
see the release details



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